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At Nordic Infosoft, Application Testing is viewed as an important step in the Software Development Cycle and also after the product release. We at Nordic, have a policy to include a dedicated persons for testing in each of our software development projects. Our testing ensures quality throughout the software releases and later in deployment under different environments. Our testers are also software engineers who understand the client needs and study the software functionality thoroughly. They follow checklists and deploy and use higher-capability test practices that enable high-quality software releases, thus saving time.

Our approach incorporates our unique methods for documenting manually and systemically discovered software defects in such as way that all defects can be analyzed for interrelationships and quantified in various ways. Further, our approach incorporates interaction with design and development teams, working with them in the resolution of root causes through implementation of new processes and techniques.

Our software testing services include:

The Result - A significantly more efficient and effective software development process. Balanced resource utilization, less rework, better software, reduced maintenance costs